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The polyester plastic based self-adhesive films are tinted and coated with a very fine metal layer. Available in various shades and densities that provide excellent heat, glare, fading reduction and offer daytime privacy. Internal and external applications to customers glazing systems.

These polyester plastic based self-adhesive films are stronger with multiple layers and powerful glue. They are clear films designed to make your glass safer by strengthening, and if the glass should break holding dangerous shards together. Available in various thickness to provide human impact safety and to provide bomb blast protection.

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Vinyl films that allow light to pass through, but provide a frosted, etched finish. Giving privacy to personal, property and decoration to internal glass screens.

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A range of patterned films provide degrees of privacy and decoration to windows and screens. Solid coloured vinyls can be used to cover glazed areas providing total privacy or covering areas wishing not to be viewed.

Anti-Fading/ UV Film:

These clear films are constructed to filter the ultraviolet in the suns rays by +99%. Thus helping minimise fading and possible damage to sensitive skins.

We can provides all our films to individual specification to give you a window film that suits your requirements.

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